Wikipedia’s Quiet Controversy: Is Enough Being Done?


Since 2011, Wikipedia has struggled with an increasingly obvious problem.


A first-of-its-kind survey was released that year which revealed that fully 8.5% of Wikipedia editors and contributors were women. To help close this gap, Wikipedia sponsored a new ongoing series of edit-a-thons, to have people visit in person, and sit down to make Wiki edits and contribute to the site. These edit-a-thons are organized by Wikipedia volunteers and happen in cities all around the world.


Using this process as a model, Wikipedia has commenced edit-a-thons for American Indians as well, whose lack of representation on Wikipedia is far more widely acknowledged than it is documented. Wikipedia is calling out for help on the topic of Indigenous history, having sponsored an edit-a-thon not long ago in San Diego to expand coverage of American Indian topics and articles.


Obstacles To Creating Wikipedia Pages


No matter who you are, creating a Wikipedia page is no small order.


There are myriad obstacles you may face when you make a Wikipedia article. Internet access is first and foremost, because it becomes impossible to complete the task of editing if the internet gets too slow. This is especially the case in rural Indian Reservations in the United States, where internet access quality is comparable to any country in the developing world. No doubt that there are other obstacles to creating a new Wikipedia article in the field of American Indian history.


Many American Indian Wikipedians point out the existence of the “Notability Standard” as a barrier to participation. Because Native Americans have been so under-represented in the past, there are fewer documented sources to draw on today. This double standard has barred many artists and cultural contributors from having their own Wikipedia article, and this dichotomy seems to be at the heart of Wikipedia’s trouble here.


Even Wikipedia’s Notability Standard policy calls for protection against “indiscriminate” information being published. Here, Wikipedia uses the older, more intellectual definition of the word “discriminate,” but the double entendre is too painful to ignore. It’s discriminating against certain types of information that gets Wikipedia into exactly the kind of trouble it’s in here. Even Wikipedia acknowledges its content has racial biases.


The Easy Button When It Comes To Wikipedia Content


If this all sounds like a confusing headache to you, you’re definitely not alone. Editing a Wikipedia page is difficult, and requires industry-specific expertise.


Many people opt to source their talent out to a specific company dedicated to making and editing Wikipedia articles, such as Get Your Wiki, for knowledgeable Wikipedia editors.


Get Your Wiki essentially cures the headache of making Wikipedia content, whether it’s for yourself, your business, or a topic you care about. This can yield big opportunities for business down the line, and / or for personal reputation and public relations, with a page created by hardworking professionals who all have well beyond the requisite expertise in getting articles approved on Wikipedia (here is Wikipedia’s ongoing list of wish-listed articles about American Indians).


How Lime Crime Offers Guilt-Free Makeup

When a girl starts to use makeup, she will begin to feel as though everything is changing. She is becoming a woman. The excitement, maturity and respect that comes with adulthood are imminent. However, as she gets older, she begins to think deeply about makeup. While many girls have an entire makeup display in their bathrooms, they might begin to reflect upon how it is made.

They may even feel guilty because of the animals are treated during the production. Some may be tempted to give it up altogether, but this is generally not an appealing idea. That is why so many think that Lime Crime is an exciting alternative.

Cruelty-Free Makeup

Organizations such as PETA will sometimes take up proverbial arms against the makeup industry. After all, the quality of life of these animals is significantly challenged. They are caged and subjected to chemical reactions to ensure that the products are safe for humans.

The way that they discern if they are safe for humans is to see if animals exhibit negative physical reactions to the cosmetic products. They are essentially causing pain just so ladies can improve their appearance. According to Urban Out Fitters, Lime Crime cosmetic products are certified by PETA as being cruelty-free and even vegan.

No Compromises On Appearance

The main concern about cruelty-free makeup is that it will be of lower quality than mainstream makeup brands. After all, the process is completely different, and therefore one would expect that the result is completely different. However, after years of developing their products and processes, cruelty-free makeup is at its’ peak.

Their customers boast that their makeup is just as effective as name brands. It can cover blemishes, blend in with the skin and enhance the overall sensation of beauty. Women who use cruelty-free makeup are not just beautiful, they are trend-setters.

Being on the ground floor of a rising trend is a compelling concept. Years from now, the concept of cruelty-free makeup will be popularized. As people go to Lime Crime for their cosmetic needs, they are contributing to that cause and reducing the pain in the world.

Discover Wen Hair Care Kits

WEN By Chaz is a hair care line that cleanses hair without any harsh chemicals that can strip hair’s natural oil. Wen products never contain sulfates, which are typically used to create lather in shampoos. As a result of being sulfate-free, the hair care system leaves hair manageable, full of body, and bouncy. In fact, styled hair can keep its shape for several days without looking dull and limp because Wen products make hair healthy. Only natural ingredients that hydrate and energize hair are used to formulate the hair products.

Wen products can be purchased as a kit or separately. There are a few different kit options for buyers. The Wen Healthy Hair Care System Basic Kit comes with Cleansing Conditioner, Anti-Frizz Styling Creme, and Nourishing Creme. The Wen Healthy Hair Delux Kit comes also includes Straightening Smoothing Gloss, and replenishing Treatment Mist. The Healthy Hair Kits come in three formulas. The Sweet Almond Mist formula can be used on all different hair types and creates shine. The Pomegranate formula is designed with soy-based ingredients to treat damaged hair and nourish it. The Lavender formula contains lavender to sooth and calm unruly hair.

Chaz Dean ( has also created Wen Cleansing Conditioner Kits which comes with five individually wrapped Cleansing Conditioners in 16 fluid ounce bottles. They are great for giving as gifts for holidays, birthdays, or celebrations. Buyers can also keep them to stock up on Wen Cleansing Conditioners. The Classic Wen Cleansing Conditioner Kit contains Sweet Almond Mist, Tea Tree, Fig, Lavender, and Pomegranate formulas. The Seasonal Wen Cleansing Conditioner Kit contains Fall Vanilla White Pumpkin, Winter Red Currant, Spring Honey Lilac, Sweet Jasmine Peony,and Summer Coconut Lime Verbena. Chaz Dean recommends beginners start with the Classic Wen Cleansing Conditioner Kit to heal and improve their hair’s condition.

Check out the product’s Facebook page and Twitter account for more information.

Getting A Magnises Membership Can Open Many Doors

Unless someone is a Magnises member, they’ll never get to know about or experience the benefits of being a member, especially since a lot of the benefits are only for members of Magnises. With exclusive access to functions and parties that are only for Magnises members, that’s one of the reasons why anyone should choose to become a member. Other great benefits include parties, a great concierge application and discounts of all kinds. Many who like to do shopping can not only get discounts on their purchases but can also be the first to know about new items that come out from name brand sellers.

Anyone who’s a fan of Samsung products could have gone to the exclusive product reveal party that was held recently, especially if they were a Magnises member. The members of Magnises were able to see new products firsthand as well as getting free gifts. Even those who loved Kanye West were able to get bulk tickets to attend his amazing concert, which meant that the Magnises member and their friends would’ve been able to get tickets when many others were not able to. Anyone in New York should know how great the Hamptons are, and many know that there are great parties there as well.

Read more: @magnises

AM Southhampton has great nightlife and had tables reserved specifically for Magnises members, so those with a membership were treated like VIPs. Even sports events can be great for a Magnises member because they’ll be able to get some of the best seats, which means you will not only enjoy the game but will enjoy watching it from a better seat. Magnises members also get some exclusive insider benefits, such as being able to go to concerts that are private and getting to see pop up celebrities at events.

Get into fashion shows, visit a theater, become more culturally inclined by visiting different destinations all while using the Magnises membership. Even those who love to eat will like the benefits that they get from the membership, especially when they are invited to restaurant openings or exclusive dinners that can only be attended by Magnises members and may include free food and drink. Those who like to go out to restaurants on a regular basis can use their Magnises card to obtain discounts, free food, free bottles of alcohol and so much more. Even those who are inclined to travel can benefit too.

Traveling while having a Magnises card means that there are tons of hotels that will give discounts as well as room upgrades, which means that you can still have a luxury vacation that doesn’t cost as much. One would think that with all the benefits that Magnises has that the membership would cost an incredible amount of money, but only $250 gets you the Magnises membership you want for an entire year. Vacation like never before, party like never before, enjoy life, and meet some really great people after becoming a Magnises Black Card member.

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FreedomPop Cannot Help But Succeed

FreedomPop is growing in recognition and popularity. Black Friday and other special days set aside for sales often lead to new customers coming aboard and current customers upgrading phones and service. Both end up being pleased to discover FreedomPop never fails to keep subscribers happy. From its Los Angeles headquarters, the company unleashed a unique concept. Totally free phone, text, and data would be made available to basic plan members who procured a SIM card and a smartphone.


The free service is perfectly fine for those who want a budget deal on mobile phones. Not everyone is able to afford the high prices of the major mobile phone providers. Yes, budget services do exist but the quality of the phones is not always that great. And the low prices of service are not even always all that low. FreedomPop presents the perfect alternative for someone wishing to save money and always be able to text, call, or connect to the internet.


For those who want expanded services, upgrades for reasonable fees are absolutely on the table. FreedomPop surely wants customers to upgrade since this opens the door for generating revenue. FreedomPop does need revenue to thrive and grow. Yet, the company never overcharges for services and always makes reasonable deals available to those wishing to subscribe.


As any solid FreedomPop review reveals, the company also devised a host of other beneficial programs and services. Internet via a modem is available with free and low-cost options similar to the smartphone plan. One of the more intriguing benefits with the internet service is a modem can be placed in a moving vehicle and it will work perfectly via a 3G or 4G network. Traveling no longer has to mean downtime for those wishing to perform personal or professional duties while on the go. High costs also do not have to factor into the process either since FreedomPop positively knows keeping budget customers happy is the outcome to seek.


$5 Wi-Fi in the United States might be the most brilliant plan the company has come up with to target those looking to save money while traveling. Hotspots exist in the millions and $5 provides access to all of them. The new Wi-Fi deal in the U.S. builds on the brilliant one already established in other countries with tremendous success.


Investment funding has rolled into the FreedomPop coffers with the hopes of further expanding business ventures. FreedomPop may become one of the biggest players in the mobile industry. Investors want to be a part of that success.

OSI Group: A Global Family

The OSI Group is an international company that is more similar to a family looking out for its members than a huge corporation that wants to make money. They have a culture of friendly and clever solutions to global problems.

As a leader in the food industry, they have kept this culture of openness and care even as corporate pressures may try to influence them. Since opening their first meat market in Chicago in 1909, they have held steadfast to their morals and maintained a small company feeling, even with their global reaches.

The OSI Group has the perfect balance between private, small company feeling and the capabilities to serve their customers world wide with competitive prices. They make meaningful connections with their global partners, so that customers can rest assured that the companies they are working with are reputable and reliable.

Some of the foods that they offer as products really demonstrate their diverse and holistic company. They product everything from made to order sandwich panini to fully processed chicken to Stromboli and other dough based products. They are fully devoted to ensuring the costumer gets what they what, or rather what they are hungry for at any given time. If your stomach is rumbling, OSI Group wants to be sure they make something that you would devour. That is why they are heavily dedicated to producing and researching the best food for everyone around the world.

With vast array of capabilities, even across continents they can manage the quality and production of their products. Each process area adheres to the same policies and guidelines to enable consumers to be confident that each product is the highest quality food available.

From Hungary to Spain to the USA, the OSI Group has carried on a mission of sustainability, not just for the company but for the environment and socially. OSI recognizes and honors safe and diverse areas, with programs like the “Safe Cycling Campaign” in the United Kingdom to celebrating International Women’s Day across the corporation.

In the international community OSI promotes literacy in the USA and support efforts to treat and cure children’s cancer in through a German charity. OSI group also focuses on their employees, ensuring they have proper opportunities for growth and development on a personal and professional level. Toward the environment, because they have a huge global reach and production facilities, they must be sure they are caring for every environment they are in.

OSI Group has LEED Certifications in Poland and China, has received the Globe of Honour in the United Kingdom and the California Green Business Award in the United States as well. They are conscious of their water and energy usage and have a tight grasp on their waste and air emissions, to make sure that they are as low as possible. They are dedicated to animal welfare in North America and Europe and have established company policies on agricultural practices for uniformity.

Learn more about OSI Group’s recent mergers and acquisitions:

OSI Group Acquires Baho Food

OSI Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant on South Side for $7.4M

WEN and Benefits, Natural Friends

You’re sure to want to try co-washing, which is what happens when you choose to use a conditioning cleanser on your hair. It’s easy, and WEN makes a great one. But first, a little bit more about why this is so good for you:

  1. It’s less expensive. Everyone is on a budget these days, so why not buy one bottle instead of two? It’s the best thing you can do for yourself (and your wallet).
  1. It makes cleaning each strand of hair easier. It’s so convenient when you only have to worry about using one bottle, and one application, on your fine strands. This is the best reason to purchase only one bottle and apply it to your hair one time. You can use one large dollop and get all your hairs clean, too.

If you need a cleansing conditioner to try, try WEN hair. WEN is a fabulous company that has been around for years, and they provide good pricing and good service. You can even access their products online ( If you have the inkling to try more WEN products, you can even use anti-frizz styling crème after you try the cleansing conditioner. You’re sure to love how perfectly their products fit your hair.

For more info, visit the brand’s Wiki page and follow WEN Hair care on twitter.


Talk Fusion Gives You Access to Communication Software

Talk Fusion has become a major force in the industry today. Bob Reina, the CEO of this company has proven that he is ready to compete with many of the bigger players in the industry in communication software like Apple and Microsoft. Apple may have FaceTime on smart devices, but Talk Fusion is proving to be the ultimate software program for people that need video conferencing and video email. This is a company that has a program that is a unique blend of simple video software.


What Talk Fusion represents is a company that is designed to make things easier for everyone that has refused to embrace technology. Most people would assume that they would have a hard time composing newsletters in a video newsletter format, but this is the software that makes all of this simple. Talk Fusion has managed to become the leader in several countries when it comes to this type of communication software because this company has a crisp and clear video solutions. This is the company that has become known for quality video software, and that is what has made the world take notice of the Talk Fusion brand. It is one of the better companies because this brand is constantly evolving. Bob Reina may not have a background in technology, but he has done all that he can to bring this company to the next level. Reina has taken Talk Fusion to new heights.


Talk Fusion is leading as one of the most popular brands of communication software because this is a trustworthy brand. It has become recognizable, and people look forward to the improvements that are made with Talk Fusion software. They trust this brand, and they know that they are getting quality communication software when they use this. The newsletters for email seem very innovative. Some people will user the video email software for birthday announcements. Others may just use these video messages to send something unique to friends. This is the the type of thing that stands out because it is unlike anything else that comes through a person’s inbox.