Diversant Quickly Becoming IT Staffing Leader Thanks To John Goullet

After the merger between Diversant and Info Technologies to form the new look Diversant in 2010, the IT world was left shaken. The specialists expressed their divided opinions about this merger with some predicting a highly optimistic future for the newly formed company while others remained skeptical about the move.

On paper, the coming together of these two decorated companies is the perfect marriage partnership. Both have had their fair share of success in their diverse fields in IT. In addition, both have different strengths. In theory, their complementary strengths will bring out the best in each other and form a complete entity that will possibly dominate the IT sector.

It comes as no surprise that John assumed an executive position in the new-look company. His leadership and market expertise in IT has provided an edge in Diversant’s mission of cornering the market in IT staffing nationwide. Diversant, a minority-owned firm has appeared on the on Forbes 500 consecutively since 2013.

Diversant offers services such as direct hires, innovative working solutions, and IT staff augmentation. Diversant’s unique nature is that they tailor their services according to their clients’ various needs. When it comes to IT staff augmentation and staff placement, Diversant looks at the needs of its clients and uses their expertise to identify human talent that will meet the company’s needs.

Diversant acts as a middle ground between clients and workers. They have created a platform that allows clients to source the best talent while at the same time allowing talents to pick firms that will utilize their skills to the full potential. Being the middle ground, Diversant ensures it keeps both the clients and workers happy.

About John Goullet

John Goullet began his college education in 1979. He attended Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pennsylvania where he graduated in 1983 with a computer science degree. After working for several IT firms and gaining valuable experience, he branched out and founded Info Technologies in 1994. Info Technologies grew to a value of over $30 million by 1999. After 15 years of managing Info Technologies, John and Gene Waddy decided to merge their companies to form Diversant in 2010. Since the merger, he assumed the principal position and until to date continues to serve in the company.