Wengie provides school supply ideas

Wengie outlines a list of ten do it yourself school supply ideas including individualizing the tools that one will use throughout the year. All the ideas are at minimal cost and easy to complete. Wengie initially introduces how to go about changing an ordinary highlighter to a multi-color highlighter. This can be accomplished by taking a blue and pink highlighter and rolling the tip of each on to a yellow highlighter. This creates a rainbow highlighter and can even be lightened by dipping it in a glass of water for a brief moment. Your writing tools can be changed as well so that they do not walk off of your desk. A pencil can be changed up by rolling it into differing colors of tape to personalize it. If one prefers a pen, use some glue and glitter to alter the look. First, pull out the pen and add glue to the cover. Once the glue is added, pour in the glitter and place the ink back into the cover for a unique looking pen.


Wengie notes that staples are a bit drab, yet one can use Sharpie to color them to add a bit of style to a book report. If one has a tough time keeping track of their USB, try attaching one of your erasers to it. Simply dig out a square hole in your favorite erase and then attach the USB with a bit of glue to create a two in one tool that no one can replicate. Many times pencils need to be sharpened, yet the shavings end up all over the place. Try using a Tic Tac dispenser and hot glue the sharpener to the lid for ease of ridding of the pencil shavings. If your paperclips are everyway, attach a magnet to your pencil dispenser so that clips are kept in their place. Wengie suggests creating a different look to a paper clip by simply bending it upward. When attached to pieces of paper a heart shape will be the end result. Try washing tape to differentiate tabs for your school binder, and add a piece of thick cardboard so Post It Notes can be attached to use for reminder messages.

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