9 simple hacks for party planning

Parties are fun and a great time to enjoy for everyone. A momentary distraction from our daily lives brings us infinite joy. What if you were to organize a party but end up blundering it? Not saying you would, but mistakes are a common parcel of the game. Save yourself the embarrassment and learn these 9 tricks before you plan a party. Here are the secrets:

1. Bring a co-host

A co-host can be the crucial difference between a good and amazing party. Consider yourself bringing a partner for your party affair. The idea pays off because you share the workload. Why do you think double birthday parties are such a hit? Take your own guess.

2. Using apps and checklist to map ahead

Get an app that does it all for you. We recommend the Wunderlist app which helps you pan out every detail of your party which you can create. You can set reminders and to-do lists among many other things.

3. Send digital invitations:

Yes, send digital invites rather than knock doors of friends and families. There are many apps out there in the market to help your cause.

4. Putting the kids to work

A plain and simple idea is to get kids to work. Free manual labor for a sweet reward will suffice. We don’t mean child labor by the way.

5. Don’t play the DJ

Help yourself out by making a playlist and then play it out. It helps you from the suffering of changing tunes and songs all night.

7. Getting groceries

Yep, get the groceries in advance. Do the shopping at the comfort of your home with apps like Shipt and Boxed and get your stuff delivered at your doorsteps.

8. Keep the food simple with buffets and food bars

Keeping the food menu clean and simple should be the idea since the party is a fun fiesta and not a food fiesta to impress judges of a cookery show. Labeling your food items also helps.
9. Don’t clean the mess after dinner

The idea of a party is to relax and have a good time with friends and family. You can leave washing the dishes until the guests leave.

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