A Preview of Medicare Advantage and Contribution of InnovaCare Health

Also referred to as Medicare Part C, Medicare Advantage plans offer beneficiaries an easy way to redeem Medicare benefits. The plans are supposed to cater for everything available under Original Medicare parts A and B, except hospice care. One advantage about these plans is the fact they cater for additional cover if the user requests for such to be included.

How it works
Medicare Advantage plans are offered through private insurance companies that have Medicare approval. Each month, Medicare pays a certain amount to these insurance firms so the companies can in turn extend the benefits to users of the plans.

There are several types of Medicare Advantage plans, and benefits are not uniform in all these plans. Some include prescription drugs, so in this case you will have a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug cover. Other different forms that are offered include Medical Savings Account (MSA), Special Needs Plans (SNPs), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), HMO Point-Of-Service (HMOPOS) and Private Free-For-Service (PFFS).

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How to choose a plan
Choosing a Medicare Advantage plan is not a difficult task if you understand what you need. As seen above, there is a wide variety for users, so you can choose a plan that most perfectly caters for your specific needs.

You also need to consider factors like whether the plan is available in your area of residence because some plans are not available in all states within U.S. Inquire about restrictions and the benefits that you can get from a plan before signing up for one. Additionally, confirm whether they are listed under the Medicare Advantage plan you would want to choose.

About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare is a pioneer managed healthcare provider that is located in North America. The company has been operational for more than five years offering services that cover the major avenues of care. Those looking for Medicare Advantage plans within the region can take advantage of the bonuses offered by InnovaCare Health while also enjoying high-quality services that are cost-effective.

The leadership
InnovaCare Health is led by Dr. Richard Shinto, who joined the company to work as the CEO. His professional background can be described as one of a dedicated leader since he has chaired successful companies. Rick Shinto worked as the CEO of NAMM California and before this he was the Chief Medical Officer at Medical Pathways. Richard Shinto closely monitors the activities of InniovaCare with the help of Penelope Kokkinides, who also boasts of an experience of more than 20 years in the industry.

Learn more about InnovaCare Health: https://www.pmcpr.org/nonmembers/corporate/ceo.html

Doe Deere’s Inspirational Business Adventure

Discovering Doe Deere
In the cosmetics industry, it can be hard to find unique styles and statements made with color. When Doe Deere first came to America in 2008, she had aspirations to become a musician but her love of color soon took over her ambitions and she knew she wanted to change the face of cosmetics. In 2008, it was a time when color was rare to find. The style was to look all natural- beiges, pinks and nudes were what everyone was after. When Doe decided the palette just didn’t work for her or her need to self express, she decided to come up with some shades of her own.

The Road to Success
Doe Deere was on a mission to create colors of the most unique kinds and that is exactly what she did. She started out buy selling her small collection through an eBay store, but soon had to reconfigure her business plans when her products became an overnight success. Doe’s entrepreneurial drive was always there- she was always destined to find her own way whether it was through her pursuing the music career, or through her passion for cosmetics. As a teen, she sold hand made temporary tattoos and found great success in that small creative business plan as well. Though she never dreamed her company, Lime Crime, would take off like it did, she is thrilled to know that dreams really do come true and pursuing your passion can sometimes find you the success you need.

Doe’s Inspiration
Doe Deere always finds inspiration in her fans, or as she calls them, “unicorns.” It takes a special kind of person to want to express themselves with vivid bold color, which is how she came up with the nickname. Doe strives to be the role model women need to pursue their passions. She is the face of Lime crime, and always models off her new colors and cosmetics. Doe uses social media as an outlet to connect with her fans and use them for inspiration in creating new shades and products for her line. She is a firm believer in the fact that makeup is a huge form of self expression and it’s important for women to feel confident in expressing themselves with it.

Running An Empire
Doe’s overnight success company is run respectably, never being tested on animals and by using mostly natural ingredients. You can find Doe in the lab, more often than not. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty and really involve herself in the cosmetic creating process. This fall, you can find her new line of colors in your favorite lipsticks and eye shadows. You will be happy to see beautiful mauves and holds, oranges and greens and so much more. It’s time to add a little color in your makeup palette, so make sure to check out the fabulous Lime Crime line.

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Giving Your Hair the Best Treatment

Every woman wants healthy, bouncy and shiny hair like seen in the commercials. To a woman, beauty is everything, and there is no beauty without perfect hair. Well, the secret is finally out. WEN hair by Chaz Dean haircare line products is what you need to transform your hair from ordinary to magnificent.

One of the unique products by this production line is the cleansing conditioner. Most users simply describe it as magic in a bottle. WEN cleansing conditioners are essentially an all-in-one. This means that the product includes a shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment all blended into one. According to the company, the products are compatible with any hair type depending on the particular formulation chosen.

The most amazing thing about the Wen by Chaz conditioner is the fact that it works almost instantly. According to most users, the hair feels fuller and softer as you rinse off the shampoo. Indeed this in itself does seem like magic in a bottle. Additionally, split ends become a thing of the past. The product is also reported to make the hair greasier during the first few days of use, but after a few days of use, the scalp gets used to it, and it is neither dry nor too greasy.

Wen by Chaz products consists of a smooth blend of glycerin combined with various natural ingredients. Some of the common ingredients include chamomile extract, Rosemary extract, wild cherry bark, and Panthenol. Each of these ingredients plays a crucial role in caring for your hair such as softening and strengthening the hair while soothing and moisturizing the scalp. Additionally, the Wen conditioner lacks lather and harsh sulfates, which are known for stripping the hair of its natural oils.

Although there are numerous products and brands on eBay, you can never go wrong with products from Wen by Chaz. Indeed they will leave you feeling like a superstar. To learn more about WEN hair care, visit the brand’s Wikipedia page.

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Josh Verne illustrates on how to be successful in business

Josh Verne who is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Flocku.com shares knowledge on how to be a successful entrepreneur. Josh has been thriving in starting, growing and selling business and has over 20 years’ experience.

Josh observes the key point resulting to success in business as the following;
Leadership, there are two categories of individuals in a business management. There are the leaders and the bosses. Josh differentiates the two by illustrating that a leader earns respect by appreciating the people he works with, they set their goals together and then uses that respect to achieve the goals they agreed on.

A boss uses his title to achieve his various goals; he dominates his people and demands respect and operates the business based on his own interests and achievements.

Josh Verne clearly states that for any individual to succeed in business they have to be a leader not a boss. He encourages putting others first and working as a team will result in success.

Win-win situation: Josh advises the leader to only indulge in a win-win deal. Every deal that a leader makes should be a win for the society, the employees, the company and the leadership. Win-win situation for everyone will take business to a whole new level since every associate is a beneficiary.

Learn to listen: Josh advises that a leader should speak less and listen more. The less you speak the more powerful and authoritative your words will be. Everyone will be attentive when you speak.

Balance your life: Josh says life is a balancing act. Balancing life is not spending the same amount of time in different aspect of life; it’s about being progressive in all aspects of your life including personal growth, health, wealth, family and relationship.
Passion: Josh indicates that passion goes hand in hand with success, though there are passionate people who are unsuccessful, very few unpassionate individuals are successful. You need to be passionate with what you do something that excites you, something urges you to stay up late night and skip parties.

Josh Verne ( https://www.acast.com/knowledgeformen/289-josh-verne-how-to-get-out-of-your-own-way-and-succeed-in-life-and-business) is an entrepreneur and commerce executive with over 20 years’ experience. He is the founder and the CEO of FlockU LLC, a mobile for college students. It’s a viral content that covers new, sex, sports, exams and amongst others.

In 2011 Josh also founded and sold workpays.me and e-commence platform that enables individual to purchases with flexibility and hassle-free and make payments overtime automatically.

9 simple hacks for party planning

Parties are fun and a great time to enjoy for everyone. A momentary distraction from our daily lives brings us infinite joy. What if you were to organize a party but end up blundering it? Not saying you would, but mistakes are a common parcel of the game. Save yourself the embarrassment and learn these 9 tricks before you plan a party. Here are the secrets:

1. Bring a co-host

A co-host can be the crucial difference between a good and amazing party. Consider yourself bringing a partner for your party affair. The idea pays off because you share the workload. Why do you think double birthday parties are such a hit? Take your own guess.

2. Using apps and checklist to map ahead

Get an app that does it all for you. We recommend the Wunderlist app which helps you pan out every detail of your party which you can create. You can set reminders and to-do lists among many other things.

3. Send digital invitations:

Yes, send digital invites rather than knock doors of friends and families. There are many apps out there in the market to help your cause.

4. Putting the kids to work

A plain and simple idea is to get kids to work. Free manual labor for a sweet reward will suffice. We don’t mean child labor by the way.

5. Don’t play the DJ

Help yourself out by making a playlist and then play it out. It helps you from the suffering of changing tunes and songs all night.

7. Getting groceries

Yep, get the groceries in advance. Do the shopping at the comfort of your home with apps like Shipt and Boxed and get your stuff delivered at your doorsteps.

8. Keep the food simple with buffets and food bars

Keeping the food menu clean and simple should be the idea since the party is a fun fiesta and not a food fiesta to impress judges of a cookery show. Labeling your food items also helps.
9. Don’t clean the mess after dinner

The idea of a party is to relax and have a good time with friends and family. You can leave washing the dishes until the guests leave.

About 23 Layers

23 Layers is an event planning and design firm based in New York. The firm has unique creative services to offer to its clientele, a great choice for people looking to organize an extravaganza like birthday parties, corporate retreat or wedding receptions. The firm offers a wide range of services including venue selection, catering, entertainment, photography, branding, production, custom printing, workshops and much more. 23 Layers prides itself on offering the best services there is to offer in planning events.


Eating During the School Year as Told by Wengie

When you are busy, it is safe to assume that you will forget to eat important meals. If you are having a lazy day at home, this is not such a bad thing. During the school year, however, skipping meals can result in difficulty concentrating, fatigue, and a serious lack of motivation. YouTube vlogger, Wengie, did not get her perfect body by skipping meals, so she knows the importance of having three solid meals and a few snacks throughout the day. In her video that emphasized the stress associated with running late for school or work, she made certain that there were ways you can have breakfast and lunch in a rush.

Get Your Healthy Breakfast on

Skipping breakfast is probably the worst idea you will have all day. After all, there is a reason why it is known as the most important meal of the day, so why not make the best of it? If you need one on the go that you can also make the night before, Wengie suggests smoothies. Her favorite is an enticing shade of green:


  • One handful of spinach leaves


  • One green apple, chopped


  • One kiwi, chopped


  • One teaspoon of ginger


  • The juice of one lemon

Chop everything the night before, place it in a plastic bag, and store it in the freezer. You can easily make dozens of these bags in advance and the ingredients will remain as fresh as they were the day you purchased them. When you need one, pull it out, blend it, and pour it in a to-go cup.

The Best Lunch Hack Ever

Many people are discouraged from making their lunch the night before because they are afraid of their sandwiches getting soggy. It is easy to avoid a soggy sandwich, though. Use wax paper between layers. Basically, as long as your ingredients are not touching the bread overnight, your sandwich will be perfect the next day. Of course, do not forget to remove the paper before you take a bite.

Kabbalah and the Ten Sephiroth

Kabbalah is the Jewish mystical system with roots gong back to ancient rabbinical treatises on the five books of Moses. Kabbalah principles found concrete expression in the medieval writings of Jewish exiles in Spain, particularly The Zohar of Moses de Leon. One element to the teaching of Kabbalah is the concept of the Tree of Life.

This idea appears in a number of religions, but is especially significant in Judaic tradition. It is mentioned in Genesis as remaining in the Garden of Eden, guarded by cherubim with flaming swords, after Adam and Eve’s expulsion. It is also mentioned in the Book of Proverbs and the non-canonical Book of Enoch.

While the concept is not essential to Kabbalah, it helps portray the path from Divine to Human through the ten Sephiroth, or stages of Wisdom:

1. Kether (Crown)
2. Binah (Female)
3. Chokmah (Male)
4. Chesed (Judgement)
5. Gevurah (Strength)
6. Tiphareth balances Chesed with Gevurah.
7. Hod (Divine will)
8. Netzah (Divine action)
9. Yesod, where divine forces pass to reality
10. Malkuth, our material world.

Together, these Sephiroth represent the path from God to Mankind. In their groupings on the Tree of Life, they also represent the Three Pillars of Wisdom and Adam Kadmon, Man perfected. Between these Sephiroth are twenty-two paths and a complex system of lesser connections. By studying these relationships and their meaning students of Kabbalah gain a greater understanding of the Universe and their place in it.

The Kabbalah Centre International dates back to an influential Kabbalah school of 1922 Jerusalem. Today headquartered in Los Angeles, it connects thousands of people from many religions and countries around the world. The Centre’s instruction is based on The Zohar, providing a spiritual basis for connecting and supporting new generations drawn to the principles of Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization built and driven by a community of volunteers to disseminate the teachings of Kabbalah. Under the direction of the family of Phillip Berg, who first opened the American Kabbalah school in 1969, the Centre has helped to provide meaning and inspiration to thousands of students.