What’s Next For Cosmetics: Doe Deere

Doe Deere is one of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs in the cosmetics industry today. Hailing from Russia, Deere founded her cosmetics company, Lime Crime, in 2008. The makeup line, which started with a wild array of bright lipsticks, was inspired by Deere’s budding EBay clothing business. Deere says she is inspired by unicorns, an animal she says was born different. Drawing from her spunky inspiration, she has named her fans unicorns, and the title has stuck.

Most of the Lime Crime products are designed with color in mind. There is nothing off limits. Deere looks to inspire men and women of all ages to jump out of their comfort zone and add a creative flair to their lives. Her product line is very inspiring and also cruelty-free. When Deere founded the brand she was committed to cruelty-free cosmetics, a rarity in today’s industry. She has also always been committed to providing her fans with a variety of vegan options. Then, in 2012, the entire line became vegan.

In an interview with Galore Magazine, Deere recalls her earliest experiences with makeup. For her, it seems, makeup has always been a way to experiment and set oneself free. She says she was not always very good with makeup, but has always allowed herself creative license. It seems like that is the key to her happiness and success.

Lime Crime products are only available online. Though most consumers do shopping online, Deere says that the internet can sometimes stand in the way. Of course, even free-spirited makeup queens like Deere are not free from the ugly internet trolls. Still, there doesn’t seem to be anything standing in Deere’s way. She is an inspired woman.

While Deere’s company has grown significantly since its start a few years ago, she still serves as CEO and owner and oversees the production of all her products. She is passionate about fashion and cosmetics and has a very active Instagram page that shows no signs of slowing.

Compared to competitors, Deere offers a superior product for a reasonable cost. Her website boasts tons of fun bundles. If you are in need of a wide array of metallic lip glosses, flamingo colored glitter eye foil, or a yolk colored lipstick, Lime Crime is the place to be. There is no doubt you will draw attention with the incredibly fun tints that Deere has put together.

While there is a lot of fun involved in the Lime Crime cosmetic brand, there is no doubt that Deere is a serious entrepreneur. A company could not simply grow to this side without one. She understands the market and is willing to take risks to provide eager customers with products that she herself is willing to use. Even underneath that wild shade of lipstick, Doe Deere deserves your attention for being the fearless female entrepreneur she is.

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Investigator Pro Technology Secures Millions Of Inmate Calls

Securus Technologies Releases Investigator Pro

A recent PRN Newswire article highlighted the new investigative technology from Securus Technologies that secures inmate calls and protects the general public. Their innovative solution for correctional communication calling enables Securus to filter an inmates voice from any telephone outside of inmate calling facilities. This service will save customers thousands of dollars in resources as an attempt to assist law enforcement agencies in an investigation of an inmate. Securus Technologies is committed to the highest standard of customer service excellency and cost effective telephone features for inmates and their families.


Securus Technologies Inmate Services


Securus Technologies has teamed up with video giant Vimeo to bring inmates and their families video chat availability. This gives inmates the opportunity to talk to their family, loved ones, and legal counsel face-to-face. It also provides complete control over the monitor and volume by utilizing picture zooming in and out controls and volume adjusting features. Best of all, if you’re on an inmates visiting list you can use the video chat feature during visitation and you never have to leave home. Video chat capabilities now saves an inmates family time, traveling, and money.


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail features now gives thousands of inmates their own personalized calling feature from inside the correctional facility. They can receive and retrieve voicemail messages when they have access to their phone time.


Prepaid Services


Prepaid services are available to inmates and their families. It allows them to pay for features in advance including prepaid telephone credits. Eliminate the need to having to locate an authorized agent to purchase inmate services. Say goodbye to operator assisted calls that can be very expensive.

Visit: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/securus-technologies

You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details today.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Top Lip Balms for Your Pencil Pouch

Now that school is back in full swing, you need a cute and yummy lip balm to keep in your pencil pouch. No one wants dry lips in class! Check out the list below for fun balms you’ll want to apply all day long.
1. EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm

This organic and all-natural balm will leave your lips kissable soft for when you run into your crush in the hall. Its round dome shape makes it easy to reapply quickly when you are almost late to homeroom! Get these organic balm on Walmart or order it via eBay.

Check out the website at: https://evolutionofsmooth.com/

2. Lip Smacker Biggy in Cotton Candy

This huge balm is big enough that you can use it all year long. It’s also almost impossible to lose! The sweet scent will make you feel happy during even the most boring class.

3. Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer

This balm offers the same softness of regular Burt’s Bees but with some added color and shine! It comes in a variety of colors so you can buy on Walmart a few to fit your different moods.

4. EOS Smooth Stick Lip Balm

This EOS lip balm comes in three yummy flavors you will love. The natural oils give your lips tons of moisture and the sleek packaging makes it easy to fit into even the smallest pocket or pencil case.

5. Blistex Five Star Lip Protection

When the weather gets cold and windy, keep this balm in your bag. It protects your pout and hydrates dry, chapped lips that have been damaged.


IAP Worldwide makes Tremendous Milestones in Global Service Provision

The demanding challenges of the current society are nowadays solved, thanks to IAP Worldwide services, Inc. The company is at the forefront of addressing global scale logistical issues, manages facilities and offers large-scale technical services on CareerCast.com. All these services are accorded to both public and private clients. The company has its corporate headquarters situated in Cape Canaveral, FL and its presence felt in more than 25 nations globally.

Besides that, other offices are located in Panama City, Washington DC, Middle East and the UK. The number of employees exceeds 2,000 all of which are experienced in planning coordinating and tackling technical and logistic challenges on glassdoor.com. Besides that, IAP supports over 175,000 personnel at various military installation facilities in the US and the Middle East. The 60 years presence in the international market has seen the firm garner high reputation.

IAP Makes a Strategic Move

The year 2015 marked a tremendous milestone for IAP Worldwide Services. This is because the company acquired three franchises, namely aviation and logistics service provider, and tactical communications solutions. A&L deals in the provision of aircraft repairs, coupled with mission support services. TCNS, on the other hand, takes pride in providing engineering and IT solutions to various Government departments and other agencies.

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Acquisition of the two service providers is a move by IAP to integrate the distinctive proficiencies of both businesses. The brains behind the acquisition envisioned that such a decision would escalate the capabilities IAP offers clients and tap into new markets. The exclusive companies are set to be incorporated engineering solutions and the national security programs unit. Doug Kitani, the CEO of IAP Worldwide services, Inc. confirmed that the step would be pivotal in the diversification of the company’s portfolio of services.

IAP offering Government Services

IAP Worldwide Services aims at providing her services efficiently, and on time. In fact, major government, coupled with national security clients rely on the company to deliver useful results on a fixed budget. Her mixture of demonstrated performance, adaptability and dedication have catapulted in the formation of trust by many clients. The convenience achieved from contracting IAP, goes a long way in retaining customers.

The US government is a primary beneficiary of support services including emergency response, aviation series, and communications. Additionally, the company boasts of providing high-quality expeditionary infrastructure to the government. Partnering with IAP is a fundamental incentive since all stakeholders will put in more effect in delivering the expected results.