Emily McClure Examines Wen by Chaz Dean Claims

In a recent article published in Bustle, beauty blogger, Emily McClure set out to thoroughly examine the claims of an all-purpose shampoo. The product being examined was Wen hair by Chaz Dean, and its claims seemed too good to be true. McClure set out to test the claims of Wen by Chaz and devoted an entire week to using the product and testing the results against the claims.

McClure started out with a photo showing her stepping off the plane from a weekend away from home; anyone traveling knows that this is not the best time for any photo. But McClure was not self-conscious and offered to readers and viewers this before photo. Her essay continues with photos of the amount of product recommended and the amount she used during the week. She admits that her hair type, thin, is the hardest to manage, and she chose a version recommended for thin hair.
Anyone considering purchasing WEN hair product should read the entire Bustle article here: Your text to link…

With the advent of social media like Twitter and the internet, manufacturers can no longer rely on advertising to deliver the optimum results. Today many consumers purchase items online and with this form of purchasing the recommendations of past purchasers are available for examination. No longer does a brand name mean the product will outperform a generic product, and sometimes those recommendations gained online will sway buyers away from the larger, more heavily advertised brand.
What McClure has done for consumers is almost a public service. She has taken on an industry giant and is willing to use herself as a test subject for the product.
How did it turn out? Actually, her results were mixed, but she sees the benefits of the product and will continue to use it. Visit the website wenhaircare.com.

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Developing a New Classroom Culture through ClassDojo

Recent research has indicated that one in every three US schools uses ClassDojo. The app is well received by students and teachers and has been credited for building and enhancing communal relations between teachers, parents, and students.


Class Dojo was launched in the summer of 2011 by Sam Chaudhary, a Welsh-born developer that came to USA to realize his dream. While in USA, he met his co-developer together with whom they built the app. Sam is an experienced teacher and boasts of a degree in mathematical economics.


Millions of educators and students throughout the world have installed the app on their devices. The app is available in both Google play and Apple store. It functions as a social media community where teachers and students upload videos and photos of schoolwork to enable parents to monitor the performance of their children and the things going on in school.


ClassDojo has been widely accepted with users coming from over 180 countries. 90% of school districts in USA have adopted the app and integrated it in their activities. It is reported that in last summer, the app was getting more than 500,000 downloads per day. This number made it more popular compared to Yelp and Tinder.


 The app acts as a communication platform between teachers, students, and parents. After a teacher has uploaded work on private classroom groups, any parent can view the work, and leave a comment.


The app has successfully created a community that constantly communicates on matters to do with learning. Parents are able to message teachers privately and get an opinion on the performance of their children. This helps the parent in understanding the shortcomings of their children and areas where they need help.


 The app features a tracking ability that tracks the behavior of a student. Using the feature, a teacher could give or take points depending on a student’s performance. This eventually helps the teacher to observe a student’s behavior and be able to inspire change from the ground-up change.


The app creates a positive culture between the classrooms and schools as the traditional communication barriers have been broken. Schools and students can keep close communications that foster positive connections.


The parents relied on academic days or parents’ meeting to know the performance of their children. However, with ClassDojo they do not need to wait for yearly or quarterly meetings to check on the update of their children. They have been empowered to do it every day by monitoring the performance or activities of their children through the device.


Find out more about ClassDOjo:



Talk Fusion: The Brand of the Present and the Future

What Bob Reina has done with Talk Fusion is, quite frankly, nothing short of amazing. He has made our lives easier and faster in so many ways. We live in a fast-paced world, and the more we can get done, the easier life will be for all of us. We also like to be as productive as possible and the more productivity we have, the more chance we have to grow our business. For the most part, everyone has the Internet and some form of technology at their disposal. Now is time to use it, enjoy it, and make the most out of it. That is one of the things I truly enjoy about Talk Fusion is how fun it is, how interactive it is is, and how much you can get done with it. It really works wonders in such a quick amount of time.

One of the most popular features that customers talk about are the video newsletters. With video newsletters, if you are in charge of a business or want people to know more about what is going on with it, you can send out weekly or monthly video newsletters. It all depends on your preferences and how often you want to get the word out. They can see you, the face of the company, and they can hear directly from you!

In my mind, this is a great way to drum up enthusiasm and excitement for your company. When they see it in your face and hear it in your voice, they can’t help but be impressed and blown away by it. People can tell that much easier on the method of video. On text, it can be hard to convey that emotion sometimes. However, with this brand, they can see the true and authentic you in the fullest world. It allows the world to get to know you, why you started the company, and what your passions and interests are within the company. It allows them to get to know you on a more personal basis and on a one-on-one level that they otherwise might not have been able to.


Slyce Visual Search Changes The Way Online Retail Shopping Is Performed


Visual search technology has more benefits than consumers realize. Not only can consumers track down the top products that meet their main requirements, it is possible to locate similar items to the number one choice. The benefit here is the consumer is not locked into only one selection. The ability to find something similar is surely preferable than not being able to find something desirable at all.

Consumers might not realize this is one of the top benefits to image recognition software. In time, after using the software, they come to the conclusion being offered a selection of visual matches is incredibly helpful to making a preferable purchasing pick.

As for the business putting things up for sale, they are well aware of the benefit. One of the reasons they choose to work out product and image recognition providers is to tap into “second choice” sales.

The competition for online consumer dollars is fierce. The massive scope of the internet means customers have an incredible array of choices in terms of what companies they are able to buy from. If one company does not have the preferred selection, they may choose to patronize another. Unable to find what they are seeking at the number two choice, they could bounce around the internet until finding something similar but not a perfect match. With image recognition software, the third or fourth choice may be found at the first online retail venue. Again, this is a solid benefit to installing visual recognition programs into a retail sales website.

Retail websites that are aligned with Slyce are learning the great value of the second and third choice options. Reports indicate customers are not leaving websites with their shopping carts empty. Sales are increasing thanks to the integration of Slyce’s program into the retail platforms. Success and Slyce go together. The company took the concept of product recognition software, greatly improved upon it, and is changing the way consumers seek out only products.

All of these changes are for the better. Consumer and retailers are both getting what they want. Online consumerism improves greatly as a result.

Put to the test: a week with Wen By Chaz

In an article written for Bustle by Emily McClure, the author takes us on a journey through a week of testing out Wen By Chaz’s Cleansing Conditioner to see if it would help her exceptionally fine hair achieve volume and vivacity.
For seven days, Emily details the effects of the conditioner on her hair, complete with before and after photos. From how her hair adjusted to the product throughout the week, to remarks she received on her new hair look, Emily’s piece provides an in-depth and detailed exploration of one user’s experience with the Wen By Chaz line.


The Wen By Chaz line, created by Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean [see, http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html], is a collection of new-generation hair products. Chaz’s time spent developing salon products early in his career assisted him in the development of Wen, which currently features cleansing conditioner, a mousse, styling creme and an intensive conditioning treatment – and mid-grade pricing (product kits start at $29.95). Visit Amazon.com to purchase.

Chaz Dean himself continues to style a laundry list of high-profile Hollywood clients at his salon, Chaz Dean Studio, in addition to styling models for fashion shows and celebrities for award shows. His long experience and exceptional styling skills have made him into one of the most sought-after stylists in Hollywood. Check out the Wen channel on YouTube for more info.