Beneful Some of the best Products out there

When seeking out a solution for your dogs food, there is one name that you need to keep in mind and that name is Beneful by Purinastore. There are a number of products they sell on Walmart that you can choose from that you pet will love with a large number of flavors that dogs will go crazy for.
Beneful Originals Dry Dog Food

This is one of the staple items of the Benefuls lineup. Made with all natural ingredients and real meat, you can choose from beef, chicken or salmon for your dog.

Beneful Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food

If you are afraid that your dog may be eating too much and will become overweight, then you will want to try this product to help and manage their weight to a normal level. Made with farm raised chicken, the formula is designed to help and make sure your dog keeps a good weight.

Beneful Playful Life Dry Dog Food

Made with real beef and egg, this is a food that is designed for keeping your dog active and playful even in his older years. With accents of carrots, peas and spinach, your dog will eat this and would get seconds if they could.

Beneful Healthy Puppy Dry Dog Food

This is a special formula by Beneful that is designed to help your puppy along once he is able to begin eating dry dog food. Made with real farm raised chicken with DHA that is important in helping to develop brain and vision. This will give your puppy the head start he needs in life.

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David Osio Reveals How The Future Of Venezuela Could Look Bright

David Osio of Davos Investing has been looking to explain the problems currently facing the Latin American country of Venezuela and explain why he feels the country could stand on the verge of a return to success and economic stability. Osio and his successful Davos Investing company have been bringing the best financial advice to their customers for a number of years and has recently been looking to provide some information about just how the economy of Venezuela could soon bounce back to its previous successful position in the world.

The idea that Venezuela sits on the edge of collapse has been mentioned for a number of months as the growing humanitarian crisis continued to rise with debt problems sparking fears for the country around the world; although David Osio recognizes the current problems he also feels the country could soon turn around its problems to find a new period of long term success. Davos Investing manages more than $2 billion in assets for its extensive client list that trusts David Osio to find the best ways of making money in an economic climate that has been difficult in recent times for the people of Venezuela.

Osio has recently been providing his thoughts on the problems facing Venezuela and feels the issues he has seen have come about because of the major oil price collapse that has seen Venezuela suffer more than most. David Osio feels the problems facing Venezuela come from the fact around 95 percent of revenue from exports comes from oil, which has been hit by historically low prices over the course of 2016; these problems with oil have damaged the Venezuelan economy, but David Osio feels the economy will soon bounce back with the aid of higher oil prices.

The major debt problems facing Venezuela have been highlighted by the short and medium term debts facing the country from deals made with China. David Osio believes the first steps to a return to prosperity have been taken by Venezuelan officials who are seeking to restructure these debts in a way that will assist Venezuela in finding success in the future and easing the burden on its struggling citizens. Follow him on Twitter.

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FreedomPop is Undoubtedly Redefining the Cellphone Industry

You hear a lot of negative information flying around about cell phone companies these days, from bills being raised to terrible service. A lot of people are fed up with their current carrier, but don’t see the financial sense in switching even with what’s bothering them. Everyone needs to be able to communicate effectively, but how can they do so effectively without having their wallet sucked dry?

FreedomPop is an application for android smartphones that completely demolishes that issue, with over ten million hot-spots to date, and millions more being consistently developed to increase coverage and service. The beautiful thing about FreedomPop right off the bat is that it is only $5 for unlimited everything. The amount of service that only one of their nodes can provide is rather large when you actually look at it. They do a very great job of expanding their already impressive network, and being able to have unlimited usage without throttling is something that you can’t get from carriers that are upwards of $100 a month!

It is especially useful in more populated areas, considering that the amount of area able to be covered is much greater than in more “rural” parts of the world. That being said, even users that were from areas that had significantly less people TO service were not having issues, based on reviews found all over the internet. It also opens the doors for internet and communication in general to be more affordable to those who may have never been able to have that luxury in the first place. Besides alleviating the wallets of millions and growing around the world, FreedomPop speaks volumes about the many new advances that pioneering companies are bringing forward. It means that there are really people out there thinking of the bigger picture, and that always tends to really benefit a company in the longhaul.

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Looking Back On The Life Of Stephen P. Murray

The passing of any individual is always a sad moment, but the March 2015 death of Stephen P. Murray has left a huge hole at CCMP Capital, which was once the largest privately held equity firm in the U.S.

The passing was sudden and left many shocked after Murray left his role with CCMP in February 2015 citing health problems as the reason for his departure from this impressive company; Murray had been a major part of the success of CCMP Capital in its many forms since joining the firm in 1989 after completing his masters degree at Columbia Business School in the same year. Read more: Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away  and Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees

Murray had worked his way through the executive ranks at CCMP Capital from its days as Chase Capital Partners, JP Morgan Partners, and later as the independent CCMP Capital.

From 2005 onwards Murray assumed even greater responsibilities as the head of the company and was finally named CEO in 2007, taking control of the company from fellow CCMP Capital founder Jeff Walker.

Despite continuing to reach greater levels of success than ever before with CCMP Capital the financial expert still found the time to enjoy boardroom positions at companies across a range of industries. Among the executive roles Stephen P. Murray has undertaken are those with varied businesses such as AMC Entertainment and The Vitamin Shoppe.

Stephen P. Murray led a varied and busy business career, but was also always looking to make a difference in communities he held close to his heart.

Murray provided support and expertise for his former colleges of the Columbia Business School and Boston College to make sure others will have the chance to get as high quality an education as he did at these impressive educational institutions.

Helping those in need played a major part in the life of Stephen P. Murray and was seen in his work as a member of the Chairman’s Council of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York.

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How Did Wen By Chaz Do In A Review

Wen hair by Chaz did very well in a recent review by, and it was a complete review that showed just how someone can change their life by using this new shampoo product. The review has all the instructions for the product included, and it shows how people can make their hair a lot healthier just by doing what the package says.

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Someone who is trying to make the most of their time washing their hair needs to make sure that they are using something that will help their hair grow more. The healthy nutrients in the Wen by Chaz Dean shampoo are great because they keep hair from shedding, and they also make it very easy for people to keep their hair growing. That means that people will be able to keep their hair growing until it is really thick, and it also means that people will be able to get a lot of hair growing quickly.

The way that the shampoo works is so helpful for people who are looking for ways to stop their hair from shedding. Hair will shed all the time unless people do something about it, and now they have a chance to completely change all of that. They will be able to use WEN Hair by Chaz just as it is used in the article, and then they will have a chance to get the results they want instantly. There is even a styling at the end of the article that looks great because the writer of the article used a healthy shampoo. She is smiling about how great her hair looks, and she knows that she has finally found the right product. Everyone who is trying to stop their hair from shedding should make sure they buy Wen from because it is a much better option.

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Monsters in the Classroom – Growth Mindset

Education can be life-altering for many students, but the internal receptors need to be turned on in order for that alteration to take place. How to Develop a Growth Mindset
Jennifer Ellison, a computer skills teacher for all levels at Phillips Elementary in California said, Certainly the idea that intelligence is not fixed is important for kids to hear over and over again. This is a very important way to think for students, as well as parents and teachers. When you internalize an inadequacy in a certain subject or an overall feeling of, I’m not smart enough to learn that, or I’ve never been good at Math, it creates a negative attitude toward learning and an obstacle that is very difficult to overcome. Intelligence is not fixed, is just the opposite of the way we have approached education for years, decades, perhaps even centuries.
The question has always been how do we as educators, parents, and indeed even students develop a growth mindset. How do we turn on those internal receptors that will instill an attitude for growth? What we have to convince ourselves and our students of is the brain is a big muscle and the more it is exercised, the better it works. This type of attitude change has to be internalized. Starting from the ground up, to achieve maximum success everyone must be involved in the process. Simple encouragements lead to community involvement, which leads to big change. That community starts with the students in the classroom encouraging each other. The obstacle is how to incorporate these techniques of growth mindset into an already busy schedule within the classroom.
What is Class Dojo and How does it Work with Growth Mindset?
Class Dojo has created a series of five videos entitled, Growth Mindset for Students that you and your class can view for free on YouTube. These videos are two or three minutes long and build on the message by the monsters to each other. The delivery is probably as important as the message itself. Although the stars of the videos are monsters, they encourage each other, rather than bullying or tormenting. Hopefully, students will develop this mindset in dealing with each other and it will spread.
Class Dojo has teacher resources that are used by two out of three classrooms in the United States. These resources are totally free for teachers to use in the classroom or at home for classroom preparation. These resources include:
· Parent introduction letters,

Introductory videos for the students,
An app to assist the teacher in many ways,
Classroom decoration,
And, much more

These communications platforms are important to assist teachers in getting parents and students to adopt these growth mindsets. Teachers can even use these resources and communication platforms to involve parents by sharing photos and videos. By utilizing these communication methods to consistently communicate, parent/teacher conferences will become unnecessary, leaving both parents and teachers more time to devote to students and personal endeavors.


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The Best that Wen Has to Offer

Hair products are boundless, but some stand out a lot more than others. WEN hair has become the standout that is unlike anything else that are out there. In the case with most products, Wen is an all-in-one product. That is why people are willing to pay more for it. It is also used by the celebrities so that has given it even more buzz.
Wen has been featured in QVC commercials, but seeing a celebrity advertise this product is not the same as seeing a work class person that is testing the product out. That is why the testimonial of Emily McClure is so valuable. She is a hair stylist that has nothing to gain by testing the product. At least, there is no monetary valuable coming from the creator of Wen. Emily was actually helping other customers by revealing how the Wen product worked.

On the Bustle website she stated that she was using the Sephora sweet almond mint Cleansing products. There are pictures where she has hair that is frizzled one moment, and days later she has hair that is smooth and vibrant. McClure has been able to make people recognize that the product is different for different people because everyone has different grades of hair.

Ultimately, she has been able to convince people that these hair products are designed to improve hair even if it is thin. McClure has thin hair, and she has stated that she was a little unsure about the product because of her thin hair. She was relieved, however, to find that Wen hair works just as well on thin hair as it does on coarse thick hair.

Wen has become the product that many people adore because it has the ability to soothe hair. There are various cleansers from Wen that contain aloe that also strengthen hair.

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