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Dr. Sergio Cortes Discusses How To Protect Yourself Agianst Zika

Brazilian doctor Sergio Cortes has been discussing the Zika virus after the recent outbreak in his home country in Brazil. Writing on his official website Dr. Cortes describes how Zika is transmitted and how to protect yourself from contracting it.
How Does One Get The Zika Virus?

A person gets the Zika virus when he or she is bitten my a mosquito that is a carrier of the Zika virus. The mosquito species Aedes aegypti is the only known species of mosquito that carries the Zika virus. This species of mosquito is also responsible for transmitting other tropical illnesses such as dengue fever as well as chikungunya.

Dr. Sergio Cortes stresses the fact that Zika is not contagious. This means that you cannot contract the virus from another human being who has become infected with the Zika virus.

If a mosquito that is not a carrier of the virus sucks the blood of an individual who has the Zika virus, than that mosquito now becomes a carrier of the virus and can spread it to other people. This is why Zika outbreaks, once they occur are very difficult to control. This chain reaction of infection describes Dr. Sergio Cortes is very difficult to control.

How Can I Protect Myself Against Getting The Zika Virus?

The Aedes aegypti is the only known mosquito that transmits the Zika virus. This mosquito prefers to lay its eggs in clean water. It can lays its eggs in virtually any standing water describes Sergio Cortes. Whether there is standing water in a kettle, bottle, pothole, dogbowl, tire or puddle, the Aedes aegypti mosquito can and will lay its eggs there. Pans, buckets are other items that can have standing water and should be drained and put away in a dry location. The best way to prevent getting the Zika virus is to eliminate any standing water you may have in and around your home. These mosquitoes are extremely resilient and will try to reproduce in any water source available to them. This is why it is so important to eliminate any standing water sources.

If there is standing water in a neighborhood yard or abandoned lot, Dr. Cortes says to get in contact with the Municipal Health Department, who will address the issue. Other ways of preventing the Zika virus include installing protective mosquito proof screens on windows. If you live in an area with a lot of mosquitoes putting mosquito nets around a bed is also a good idea. Mosquitoes and other biting insects love to be active at night.

George Soros Elaborates on Why the Current Market Environment is Similar to the 2008 Crisis

Investors have been cautioned owing the impending financial crisis in the global markets. George Soros uttered these words at an economic forum that was held in Sri Lanka. With China struggling to establish a new growth model, devaluation of its currency is shifting problems to the world. Developing nations are finding it a challenge to return to positive rates of interest. Soros asserted that the current market environment is similar to the characteristics of the markets prior to the 2008 financial crisis.

In the first week of the year, stock markets, commodity markets and the global currency have experienced myriads of challenges owing to the plummeting value of the Yuan. This situation has raised concerns over the stability of the Chinese economy given that it has been shifting from its core business of manufacturing and investment. Currently, the economy is dependent on consumption and services. It is imperative to mention that close to $42.5 trillion has been wiped from global equities value. This comes even as losses deepen in Asia.
Soros argued that China was facing an uphill task in adjustments. In the recent years, Soros has warned of a similar crisis to that of 2008. Between 1969 and 2011, Soros’ hedge fund firm registered gains of an average of 20% per year. According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Soros has a net worth of around $27.3 billion. His career began in 1950s while still in New York. His investing prowess was recognized in 1992 after netting $1 billion in a bet that forced the U.K. to devalue the pound. Most measures of volatility have been surging with VIX, Nekkei Stock average volatility index and Merrill Lynch Index showing an increase of 13%, 43% and 5.7% respectively.
China’s Communist Party has made pledges of increasing Yuan’s convertibility before 2020. They have also promised to discard capital controls in a gradual manner. Irrespective of interest rates being cut by the People’s Bank of China and investment of billions of dollars in the economy, the economy remains weak. This information was reported on Bloomberg as cited in the link below http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-07/global-markets-at-the-beginning-of-a-crisis-george-soros-says
George Soros founded open Society, which is a network of projects, partners and foundations. The idea of the foundation was elicited by the need to respect rights of the people, government accountability and monopoly of truth. Soros was instrumental in creating the Central European University, which seeks to promote critical thinking. The foundations have been on the forefront of providing school fees to different promising students from various parts of the globe including marginalized groups. This information was originally reported on Open Society Foundation’s website as explained in the following link https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros
George Soros was born in Budapest. The communist domination in Hungary forced him to flee to England. He attended the London School of Economics for his undergraduate studies. He managed to accumulate a large fortune when he established his investment fund in the United States where he settled after his graduation. This information was reported on George Soros’ website as elaborated in the link below http://www.georgesoros.com/the-life-of-george-soros/

The Doe Deere Interview

Everyone would like to know the key to finding their real true self or creativity. Well, just ask Doe Deere. This is one very creative woman that has carved a real original and true path for herself. It began at a young age and followed her through life. Today, Doe Deere is the creator of Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a very original and creative line of makeup preferred by women that love following a non-traditional path. Surprisingly, this makeup diva has a number of makeup rules that she would like to share with her followers. Actually, these are rules that she loves to break.

Doe Deere’s Favorite Rules To Break
During an interview, Doe Deere shared her favorite makeup and fashion rules to break. This is one woman that believes in following her own path. The fact is that most creative people like to follow their own path. It is all a part of the creative process. Thinking outside of the box is one way to think original thoughts, according to Doe Deere. Find a traditional rule and break it. She believes that everyone should break at least one fashion rule. In fact, Doe Deere believes that breaking fashion or makeup rules is fun. For example, lets look at a favorite rule breaker that Doe Deere follows. Doe Deere defies traditional makeup beliefs that concern wearing too many bold colors. Bold lipsticks, eyeshadow, and nail polish should be worn together. Only wearing one bold color is very boring, according to Deere. Every creative person should take a page from Doe Deere’s book of fashion. Break the rules and enjoy the process.

Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere
Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere started small. Her fashionable makeup line rose to success quickly. This is due to her unique personal style and her unique makeup line. Doe Deere is proud that she achieved major success on her own terms. Achieving success this way makes the success much sweeter. She encourages other female entrepreneurs to strive to follow their own path.

One reason that Lime Crime and Doe Deere are achieving major success is due to the way that she manages her business. Doe Deere believes that you should gain the respect of your employees. Thus, making it easier to run the business successfully. She encourages other women entrepreneurs to gain the respect of their staff and their customers. This is the way to true success.

Health Sec. Sergio Cortes Takes Active Stand Against Mounting Health Crisis

“We are taking steps in preparing for the worst as we hope for the best”says Steve Sec. of health Sergio Cortes Sunday as he toured Xerém, Duque de Caxias. The Brazilian medical expert was at the new Dengue Hydration Center located in Xerém. The center opened on January 15 it has the capacity to serve up to 300 patients a day. Dr. Cortes went on to explain the due to the excess flooding in the area, the stagnant water has become a dangerous breeding grounds for the Aedes aegypti a mosquito that has always been part of the local ecosystem. The city also has vast amounts of garbage heaps that not have been collected since the torential downpours begin.

Sen. Sergio Cortes instructs local residents to only use bottled water to drink in for to prepare food with to lower the risk of infection.The Brazilian Department of Health Security in Dr. Cortes have begun to coordinate teams whose purpose is to inspect the area for contaminated and standing water. Together they are also distributing 10,000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to help the disinfection of contaminated waters in the region.

There are several viruses and diseases according to wikipedia.com that are currently being transmitted by the female Aedes aegypti mosquito. One that seems to have the worst consequences of him infected people is called the Zika virus. The Zika virus has been linked to almost 4000 children born with birth defects there since late October of last year. In a recent article featuring Secretary Sergio Cortes and his tour of the affected area, Extra Global .com outlines all the steps that the Brazilian Sec. of Health has taken to combat this extremely volatile and growing health crisis.The newborns seem to have become infected while still a fetus and after their mother were bittten by these mosquitoes. Dr. Sergio Cortes also noted that humans cannot become contagious and do did not infect each other with the Zike virus however the Aedes aegypti mosquito that bites an infected person then in-turn becomes a transmitter for the virus. The Zike virus has been linked to the children’s birth defects by way of an auto immune disease called Microcephaly. There’s currently no established treatment comprehensive screening test in place for detection.

With 7 new emergency shelters erected in Xerém the Brazilian Health Surveillance State Secretary is confident that early detection and the administering of 3000 antibiotics tablets that have already been delivered to the emergency centers will greatly help to lessen the crisis.

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