Meeting Friends And Finding Love Online On Skout

If you have ever been in love, then you know that it takes a lot to find that special person. I am a firm believer that there is someone out there for everyone. I also think that there are a lot of people in the world, so we get to choose who that special someone is for us. It is really important to know who you are looking for in the world, or else you are just spinning your wheels. Imagine who that perfect person is in your heart. You can base this off of looks, of course. Attraction is a big reason that we stay together, and it is an equally important reason to pursue someone. However, there is usually more to a relationship other than attraction.

Skout is an online dating application and social media tool that connects people with similar matches in order to help them find that special someone or to simply find friends. People use the platform for a variety of reasons, and each person has their own special profile that they set up to showcase to the world what they are like. My profile has a picture of me and my dog, since I am a huge animal lover. I want to find a woman who likes dogs as much as I do, and hopefully she will accept me and my big dog in her life. I am also looking for friends in my community.

The interesting thing about Skout is that it is equally useful in finding friends as it is in finding lovers. I have found a solid group of friends that live in my city, and I meet with them in person quite frequently, but our relationship started on Skout because we were both looking to make new friends. Sharing experiences with others keeps us making new goals and fulfilling our wildest dreams.

The reason I’m writing this post is to share a fascinating article, and I have already shared some of the information in my talk above. The article is from SAT PR News, and it goes over this survey that Skout conducted just recently about how important having a group of friends is to staying successful and in touch with your goals. The article talks about what New Year’s resolutions people on Skout have made. If you are interested and would like to read it, here is the link.

The High Quality Dog Food Explosion

There are tons of high quality foods that are surfacing. The dog food companies of today are getting creative and doing some very amazing things. The real evidence of this is shown with the big name companies like Purina which has a plethora of irons in the fire. One thing that Purina has pushed in recent months is the Bright Minds dog food. This is extremely creative and new to the dog food world. It contains medium-chain triglycerides. The end result is a dog food that is easier to metabolize. Purina Store has also built a website that actually gives customers the ability to pick the types of ingredients that go in the dog food. This is clearly the cutting edge when it comes to dog food companies. Purina is also winning dog owners and their pets over with the variety that is provided by Beneful. The Beneful brand has been around for years, but Purina is making sure that the brand stays fresh and innovative. The company produces high quality dog food that is playing a big part in the innovation that customers are seeing. Beneful has been able to secure more than 40 different flavors that can accommodate many different dogs. I think the biggest key to success for Beneful lies in the variety that this company creates. It has been rather easy for the company to become successful because there are so many dry and wet pet foods to consider. Customers can feed their dog something different for over a month with the Beneful brands. This is good marketing because it shows that it doesn’t matter if you have a Beagle or a Great Dame. You could have a puppy or an old Basset Hound that has been with the family for years. Either way, Beneful has managed to cover all bases when it comes to high quality dog foods. As the high quality food market grows more creators will surface with ways make dog food better. Chicken has always been the standard meat ingredient, but more meats like salmon and lamb are being added to the menu.

Pop Culture is a Running Theme at Jon Urbana’s Twitter Account

The subject of my post today is a very successful professional lacrosse player. Upon retiring, he launched a solid training camp designed to create and mold the new stars of tomorrow (visit the camp’s website), and registration is now open for 2016. Jon Urbana also delved into interests such as business endeavors, piloting, and even daily blogging and Facebook updates. His daily tweets and Tumblr posts always bring something new and eye-opening to people’s attention.

Sports news in all its forms is a popular subject in Urbana’s Villanova career and his tweets as well. Peyton Manning appeared at a press conference with his four-year-old son. The news was originally reported by Sports Illustrated and Urbana’s Vimeo channel shares the event with his followers. Most of his followers came by way of the animated charity videos that have since been shared just about everywhere and even got him written up on a few news sites like Bloomberg, Digital Journal, and

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Tech news also gets major mentions on Jon Urbana’s CrunchBase page. Millions of people love to learn about the trends emerging in technology. Urbana and his SoundCloud followers are among them. Not all the news is good. has a report on electric scooters and refers to the devices as “lame”. Maybe Wired is being a bit too hard on the inventions.

The age-old concept of monorails is discussed and a video discussing the topic of philanthropy and the future of transportation is something fans of tech news will want to check out. Monorails are considered mass transportation and not technology, but there is a science-fiction edge to monorails. So, there is crossover appeal with tech fans.

News and current events are discussed on the Ellipse executive’s LinkedIn feed. The unfortunate story of the Flint, MI water crisis gets a notation. Not everyone may know the whole story about the crisis. Jon Urbana helps people get the information they need in order to help the rest of the world.

Fashion news gets highlighted now and then. Jourdan Dunn not only lands “double covers” on Vogue Brasil, she is also the subject of a Jon Urbana tweet. The tweet provides a link to a Buzzfeed article that goes into detail about Urbana’s photo shoot collection, and so does this video below.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Ryan Reynolds is one of the quirkiest actors in Hollywood. He wears the badge proudly.

Jon Urbana proudly asked a question about Burt Reynolds acting as an advice giver. The is “What would you ask him?” Surely, that question is going to get a ton of interesting responses.

Urbana tweets about a lot of subjects and this ensures the Twitter account is always fun.

Video Visitation Improvements From Inmate Communication Tech Company Affect All

The growth in the use of video visitation in corrections facilities has seen this become one of the best known ways of inmates interacting with those who are still free. Securus Technologies has been working with many of the top law enforcement agencies in North America; the THREADS platform has been in place for a number of years, but has now been given a major, patented update that pushes Securus to a new position amongst those of use who live and work in the corrections industry.

THREADS 3.1 has been a game changer for many of us who are looking for the best ways of making sure the highest quality of video and audio is available for the use of both inmates and investigators. I believe one of the major bonuses offered by the THREADS 3.1 platform is the opportunity to monitor inmate communication they interact with other individuals inside the jail and their visitors. Within the prison community the chance to monitor the communications of inmates is something I believe can have a big impact on halting forthcoming crimes planned from within the walls of a jail.

I believe the chance to monitor the communications of individuals is important for officers within an institution, and the investigators who may be called in to solve any crime. Securus has been working to make sure each and every aspect of the new THREADS 3.1 platform is as user friendly as possible, which means any investigator should have the ability to look back over various interactions of inmates being investigated. The ability to integrate the video visitation platform with inmate phone calls software and others within the THREADS software means interactions can be printed or compared to other interactions an inmate is taking part in.

Securus Technologies Makes Video Visitation a Reality For Families

Securus Technologies is a company that is growing. This company has hundreds of law enforcement products, and one the most innovative creations of the software for video visitation. I have become a fan of this company because it has given me access to friends that have been behind bars. I like the concept because I never wanted to actually go to a prison to visit anyone. Also inmate phone calls, though great through Securus thanks to their amazing customer service team, are not as personable as video. I thought that this was a much better concept. 

Personally, I believe that at home video visitation is long overdue. I know that the video systems are not in all prisons, but these type of systems should be. I have enjoyed being in a state where I have access to visiting my incarcerated friends this way.

I believe that the importance of this is greatly underestimated because many people don’t consider what inmates are going through once they are in. There are many criminals that have been taken off of the street, but there are some that are actually innocent. There are people that are locked up and they are still trying to fight their cases. It is going to be good for these people to have some type of support system on the outside. And either way, the family’s of the imprisoned person suffer without the benefits of good inmate communication. That is why video conferencing systems are so important.

Securus is not the first company that I have heard of that has utilize this type of software for inmate communication, but it may be one of the top leaders for the prison systems. Don’t just take my word for it though, check out their reviews here:

Right now there are limited states that have this type of video conferencing available, but I believe this technology is the way the prison visitation is going. 

I believe that lots of prisons are going to try to implement this because it will cut down on the number of people that are coming to prison to visit. This can actually save money in the long run because he cut down on the number of guards that have to be available to facilitate the visitation process. This is one of the ways to cut the operational costs. There is always a lot of talk about the costs that are associated with housing inmates. Few people take the time to look at the operating costs of facilitating visitations. In my opinion, video visitation between families throughout conferencing may be one of the best concept for the government system as a whole. It is convenient and a lot more cost effective. 

Stephen Murray: Business Done Right

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a well know business man to those who knew him. Between creating a well known investment company to his philanthropy, Stephen will remain known throughout both circuits for years to come.

Raised in a New York suburn, Murray grew into a determined young man. After earning his Bachelor of Arts Degree at Boston College, he continued his education at Columbia University and earned his Master’s in Business Administration.

From there pehub reported, Stephen Murray hired into JP Morgan as a credit trainee in 1984. Through the year, Murray gained an enormous amount of Don the job training and experience in turn landed him the title of Vice President of middle market lending by the late 1980s. By the early 90s, he had joined a private equity and leveraged-finance unit of Manufacturers Hanover that was a predecessor of CCMP. After these mergers in 2000, Manufacturers Hanover became a part of JPMorgan. He was the head of the bank’s buyout business by the mid 2000s. Which, in turn, made this hard working man very popular among the investment world.

After CCMP became one of the top investors in middle market deals, there was a snag in the company’s strategy. The bank divested the business after the unit outbid Blackstone Group LP, KKR & Co. and TPG Capital for Dublin-based drugmaker Warner Chilcott. This upset KKR co-founder Henry Kravis, who warned the bank against competing with KKR if it wished to keep doing business with his firm. After deciding JPMorgan couldn’t bring the deals that were needed, CCMP split off on their own. This separation was for the best, according to Stephen Murray.
After having health concerns in early 2015, Stephen Murray resigned from his well known position with CCMP. Sadly only a month after hearing about these issues from his doctor, Stephen Murray passed away. He was survived by his wife of many years and his four sons, who reside in Stamford, Connecticut.