Darius Fisher’s Steps To Clean Up Google Searches

What you post on social media today can easily affect things you do in your future. Old party photos can easily cost the admission into a top college, or future employment. But is there something that can be done to check your public image and repair it? Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs, has a few tips that can help anyoe.
Search yourself on google, but make sure you are logged out. This gives you the same search results the average person would see. Identify any results you are uncomfortable with and try to remove them. Develop some new content with your name on it. This could be as simple as social media posts or blog entries. Make sure you are opted out of data brokers, these are companies like PeopleSmart, Intelius, and Whitepages. Finally, Fisher recommends you be proactive and take control over anything and everything with your name on it. Request site administrators remove any unfavorable content. Often times, politely requesting will do the trick.
Darius Fisher is an expert in the public relations field, and his simple advice can go a long way. He was honored with a mention on the prestigious Innovation 50 list just last month. The recognition came due to Fisher’s work helping more than 1500 clients in 35 different countries clean up their Google search results while also thriving through a crisis in his own company. This insight and personal experience has certainly played a strong part in his success in the PR field. Fisher and Status Labs have both received honorable mentions due to their role in aiding the victims of the Ashley Madison hack from both Yahoo! News and The New York Times.
Fisher has experienced amazing career growth during his time with Status Labs, not only is he the president, but he co founded the company. Prior to his work with Status Labs, Fisher worked as both a copywriter and a political consultant. He received his education from Vanderbilt University where he graduated with honors.

Coriant and New CEO

Coriant is an independent telecommunications company operating primarily out of Munich Germany. It was originally under the company Nokia Siemens Networks but separated from them in May of 2013. Coriant is now a strong company with a second headquarters located in Naperville Illinois in the United States of America. The company has continued to grow since its split. They have grown to employee around 3000 people at any given time and are only getting bigger from there.

Coriant has a few products, the main of which is the hardware and software for the Backbone Network. Their main products are the hiT 7300 for optical multiplexing DWDM over fiber optic cables, hiT 7100 for electrical cross connection of optical paths and hiT 70xx for “multi service provisioning”. The hiT line is one of their most prominent products by a good margin but they also sell network management software products that do decently well.

Recently Coriant promoted a new CEO to lead their company, Shaygan Kheradpir. Shaygan has held key executive positions in companies such as: Verizon, Barclays, and Juniper Network. Because of his firm history in the telecommunications business, his promotion to CEO of Coriant should come as no surprise.

Shaygan Kheradpir is British by birth although he grew up in Iran and moved to the United States for his university schooling. Shaygan’s father was a doctor and so it is no surprise that Shaygan would also move on to do big things with his life. He got his first job at GTE Laboratories and was quickly promoted to Chief Information Officer after he proved that he could do follow a schedule and that he was a very hard worker. Soon after he was working for one of the biggest giants in the telecommunications industry, Verizon, after GTE had a merge with the company Bell Atlantic to form Verizon. He was initially the president of Verizon’s E-business division during this merger.

Coriant and its new CEO are definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the world of telecommunications. They offer a ton to their market and are growing more and more rapidly, with Shaygan at the helm to lead the company further into greatness.

Viral Vixens

Beauty’s best showcase medium has quickly proven to be video. Before YouTube was registered under its Internet domain in 2005, those interested in anything style related were relegated to pouring over magazines, catalogs, and books that showcased clothing and make-up how-to’s. There are currently seventeen countries from which users can upload their vlogs (a blog in video form) and tutorials, and there are virtually unlimited resources and viewers to exchange fashion and make-up tips from nearly every ethnicity, skin tone, gender, and style preference.

Australian beauty maven Wengie gets to weigh in on her opinions and advice with a variety of readers. As chief executive officer of StyleAlley, her resume is quite impressive. After helping clients achieve success with social media, she followed her own advice and got serious about creating and regularly updating her blogs and social media outlets.

Wengie learned her beauty know how from independent research, and today she passes on what she learned. Huang understands that information on Asian cosmetics is particularly lacking in Australia and Western regions of the world. On her personal site, her advice covers beautifying oneself from the inside to the outside. Articles showcase weight loss, healthy snacks, hair, eye liner, and more can be found on http://www.wengie.com/. Her three YouTube channels perfectly fuse the talent, personality, and style of Wengie more than all of her social media avenues combined. Here you can find three different areas to the same young professional–beauty advice, life advice, and a third just for both song and dance performances.

Other vixens have seized the opportunity to become viral in a relatively short period of time. Unlike Wengie, American female Autumn Asphodel began her career on YouTube. Autumn’s channel is similar to Wendy’s. You can find both makeup advice and life advice on her channel. Transgender Autumn Asphodel has vast self-taught experience learning how to apply makeup. She publicly acknowledges her dissociative identity disorder; this openness definitely provides a unique perspective on relationships that few people get to experience. Autumn’s personality, Iris Fae, has taken on a bigger role on a second channel that is devoted to more of a guided meditation for those seeking a spiritual perspective from which to learn. When visiting YouTube, it is easy to almost feel connected to these modern artists within minutes by simply a few clicks of the computer mouse or swipes from a smart device.