Richard Dwayne Blair is an Expert Financial Planner

Richard Dwayne Blair has a natural aptitude for finance and he founded Wealth Solutions so he could make a tremendous difference in the lives of his clients. His strong credentials give him the expertise to craft portfolios that power performance. Blair is based in Austin, Tx. and also draws business from nearby areas as well. He especially enjoys working with small business owners, families, and individuals.

The methods that Blair employs in the pursuit of financial goals is called the Three Pillars approach. It is comprehensive in nature and takes into account the many milestones in life. He also assesses the client’s current financial picture and factors in retirement needs as well.

The First Pillar happens to be developing a financial roadmap that is composed of the client’s goals and tolerance for risk. Richard Dwayne Blair helps them find the most likely opportunities for growth with his expert’s eye. The building of a quality relationship that will last also takes place during this phase. The establishment of clear expectations and the fuller understanding of a client’s concerns drive this process as well.

The acumen that Blair displays in fashioning long-term investing strategies make up the Second Pillar. He can successfully navigate all market conditions and he is an active manager which gives his clients an edge. He is able to maximize gains when the bulls are running the market and he can minimize losses when the bears wrest away control. The ability to stay nimble and reallocate assets is something that Blair is adept at and it’s also a big part of his work.

The implementation and monitoring of everything done in the first two steps make up the Third Pillar. Richard Dwayne Blair regularly tracks the investments of his clients and proper comparisons are made. He takes into account their expectations as well as analyzing their portfolio by historical market data as one example.

The inspiration that the school teachers in his family provide has powered the career of Blair. He has been amazingly impacted by their passion for education and takes that same mentality into his job as a teacher of financial principles.


With Excitement Comes Fear According to Vijay Eswaran

When people are presented with a new opportunity, they often get excited. However, their excitement turns into fear as they make the decision to move forward with it. There are many reasons that there is such fear with the excitement. One of the reasons is that this is unknown territory. Everyone has had this experience. Vijay Eswaran is no exception to this rule. As an employee working a regular job, he has experienced this excitement and fear of the unknown. However, he has managed to get over his fear because he figured out that he can use it to move forward.

One example of fear and excitement is the story of Jack and Jill learning to fly a plane. While Jill was excited about lifting off of the ground and going at high speeds, Jack was scared because of the unknown. They both look at life through different lenses. One of the common lenses of life is that everything should be comfortable. The best thing to do is stay in the lane and be safe. The other lens is the idea that the only way to achieve something meaningful is to take some kind of risk. Many people live through the lens of comfort. However, they can switch to the lens of risk.

One example that Vijay Eswaran gives is children. A child is one of the least affected by fear. They are more motivated by the sense of wonder they have about everything around them. One thing that helps is for people to live life in a childlike manner. This would mean exploring new possibilities so that they can make a life for themselves beyond the conventional.

One thing that is certain is that it takes time for people to achieve their goals. They have to go through a phase where they lose the fear of failure. Vijay Eswaran himself advises people who have goals to give themselves time. The time many people need to succeed goes beyond days, weeks and even months. In order for people to succeed, they have to allow themselves years to get everything right.

OSI Industries Growth and Global Expansion

The history of OSI Industries is interesting, and it’s a great example of what the real American dream is all about. Starting with the story of a German immigrant, the foundation for success with OSI Industries was built. Otto Kolschowsy, the immigrant himself was drawn to live amongst the community with other German immigrants in Chicago, Illinois when he considered how he could make a good living and serve the community. Food service in the form of a retail meat market was his first choice, giving him the opportunity to utilize the hog market that already existed. OSI buys former Tyson Foods plant on South Side for $7.4M.

Using his business acumen and what was available to him in Chicago, OSI Industries was started all with Mr. Kolschowsky and his sons. Upon the sons choosing to retire, they sought out the help and counsel of Sheldon Lavin, once a consultant for the company, he was the obvious choice for the sons when it was time to pass on the torch. It was many decades later that the business was still thriving and successful, having made connections with McDonald’s to help grow their business in the community. Once OSI Industries entered into a joint venture with McDonald’s to supply beef, the company began to grow by leaps and bounds.

Growth in the 60’s and 70’s, led the company on to great success and greater technological breakthroughs. When Lavin was asked to partner with the company in 1975, it was the beginning of the company entering into the international market. Multiple levels of expansion led to OSI Industries becoming one of the largest food suppliers around the world, including in Brazil, Poland, Mexico, Hungary, and even in Austria all in the 90’s. Today, mergers are still taking place, even in Australia where the company merged with another food supplier.

Additionally, China also played an important role in the growth of OSI, when the World Trade Organization (WTO) opened up more doors for food supplies. Poultry processing took off and was adopted in full by OSI, taking them to continuous levels of success that date back for centuries. Pleasing their many clients, OSI has flourished all due to the dream of a German butcher.

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Malcolm CasSelle

Malcolm CasSelle is the current President of Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX). He is also the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins. OPSkins is a company that deals with trading of items from online video games. Malcolm is a former CTO and President of Tronc. He has also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Timeline Labs. Timeline Labs was later purchased by Digital Media.

As the Chief Investment Officer of OPSkins, Malcolm provides his expertise to the company’s undertaking to ensure that it remains a leading provider of online gaming products. It has been a global leader in in-game cybernetic asset sales. The firm has a diversified client base around the world. It offers quality online gaming products to its customers at affordable costs.

OPSkins is a prime candidate regarding market size and consumer demand for a devolved protocol. OPSkins is the leading provider of virtual assets in a centralized marketplace. However, there are disadvantages to the advanced capabilities of every compacted technology. This factor makes the devolved marketplace for virtual resources the natural method in the evolution.

The OPSkins founders are set to launch an innovative blockchain program for virtual assets. The platform is called Worldwide Asset eXchange. The new launch will enable traders to buy and sell virtual assets with each other efficiently.

It was created and developed upon a basement of decentralized and blockchain contracts. WAX is the best service that effectively solves the two biggest challenges in online trading. The two most challenging problems are fraud and fragmentation. It can solve these problems by allowing traders to buy and sell virtual products without necessarily having to click off the game.

WAX can allow traders, both local and international to buy and sell virtual assets without having to fear barriers that are brought about by language, security concerns, and payment processing. Some of these problems make most virtual asset providers restrict their services to their regions or countries.

WAX also denies traders an opportunity to transact on a site that does not use a universal worth token. Any traders who attempt to go against this are denied any chance to trade with users whose properties are denominated with different cryptocurrencies without using distributors.

Malcolm CasSelle

The Chainsmokers Are Taking A Completely Different Path In Their Music These Days

It can be difficult at times to be in the spotlight, as there are always people expecting something from those who are. This is especially the case for celebrities. When there are millions of fans that have fallen in love with a particular artist or creator, it can be limited to that person’s own life or creativity. The Chainsmokers learned this over the past couple of years since they blew up and hit the mainstream with their music production. Since 2015, the Chainsmokers have managed to become some of the most popular DJ’s on the planet, making tens of millions each year during their tours.

Just like everyone who stood in the spotlight before them, The Chainsmokers have learned what it actually means and the double-edged sword that it can be. Recently spoken with, the Chainsmokers discussed their latest turn in musical style and the decisions behind it. As many fans are aware, the Chainsmokers have recently switched to a totally different genre compared to their hits in the past, such as “Paris”, and “Closer”. Their latest single that released in January of this year is much darker and deeper than anything they’ve done so far. Much of the song is related to actual problems facing people and society around the world today. According to the duo, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, they were inspired to try something new to respond to their critics, but also to expand on their skills and grow as musicians.

While their new sound is not smashing the billboards like their previous upbeat EDM mixes were, it has still be taken well by audiences and fans have been happy to hear new music from the duo since they took a hiatus for almost a year. The Chainsmokers have assured their fans that they won’t be taking another break, but are hard at work creating new sounds and deeper messages to convey through their music.

Matt Badiali: Bayan Hill’s Money Making Machine

Matt Badiali is making great picks lately. It’s not often an investment advisor gets so many picks right, especially one who strays away from cookie-cutter financial advice. Matt Badiali works for Bayan Hill, a company that promotes financial independence for its users. Bayan Hill Publishing has over 400,000 daily readers and offers advice on global investment strategies, U.S. Dollar diversification, as well as personal financial freedom and responsibility. They make the claim that they offer everyday Americans a chance at “total wealth”. This is a fancy way of saying that you can forge your own financial future.

Matt Badiali turned out to be perhaps the best addition to an already stacked Bayan Hill staff. His newsletter is called Profits Unlimited, and it reaches 100,000 readers. These readers are members-only and must pay a $97/year price tag for the luxury of getting Matt’s advice. In honesty, if Matt keeps up his current progress it’s worth a lot more than that. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

Matt graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a masters in geology. Matt Badiali has been in the game a long time. He has traveled to almost every country imaginable and done everything from surveying wheat growing patterns to exploring caves just to get an insight into the market. He eats dinner with T. Boone Pickens and knowns CEOs in the natural resources industry on a first name basis.

Matt Badiali is a force in the natural resources investment community. Best of all, Matt doesn’t just serve traditional advice; he sets out to gather new intel and make interesting and unpredictable market picks. Picks which seem to work out the majority of the time. Read more about Matt Badiali at Talk Markets.

Matt is perhaps most famous for his Freedom Checks video. This video — which has now gone viral — depicts Matt showing off a giant check with lots of 0s on it. Matt offers advice about a new way to invest. Of course, he plays it up a little, but essentially Matt is trying to show everyone the benefits of Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs. MLPs have been performing very well since he made the video and the “Freedom Checks” video is now a global phenomenon in the investment community.

Any way that you look at it, Matt has been making some big plays. If he continues on this current trajectory, he may just become a global investment advisor superstar in name alone. For now, pay attention to Matt’s picks. So far, so good.


Peter Briger

Peter Briger

Peter Briger is an entrepreneur and a business leader. He resides in San Francisco, California. He boasts over twenty years of resource management experience. Peter Briger is presently one of the Chairpersons and principal of Fortress Investment Group. The organization is among the leading investment managers globally.Peter studied and graduated at Princeton University. He later proceeded to Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business where he received his master in Business Administration. Recently, Peter partnered with Goldman Sachs where he was overseeing business operations in various entrepreneurial activities. Briger also headed some committees of the company such as Asian Management Committee and Global and Compliance Committee.

Briger is also a philanthropist who involves in various community charitable activities such as Global Fund for Children. Briger is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The organization that helps citizens to understand foreign policies among elected leaders and citizens. It is a nonpartisan organization.Fortress Investment Group caters for institutional and private investors. It also oversees for over $65 billion assets and resources. Peter received the appointment of becoming a Co-Chairman in the year 2009. He has since then helped propel the organization in various aspects. He is in charge of the department of investment credit fund and real estate. He is a figure who has won his name in the credit and banking industry.Fortress Investment Group focuses on asset-based investments.

Its expertise ranges from pricing, funding, overseeing and possessing of assets that extends to financial assets and real estate and capital resources. All these functions are secured by wide-ranging cash flows that are diversified.Fortress has extensive knowledge and experience in the industries that it puts its investments in. It has created a team of professionals that helps it to run all its operations and portfolios.Peter has built his name and reputation throughout his career life. He has become a unique figure in finance and investment industry. He is ever dedicated to his professionalism. Every discussion about investment, banking and finance cannot go through without siting Peter Briger and his accomplishments. He is a sought-after leader and investor.Peter Briger’s achievements related to his efforts in developing the company that he serves. He is among the most active managers in finance and banking industry. He gives investment advises that help investors make huge incomes from their investment assets. He is a resource that every investment business craves for.

Susan McGalla leads women in leadership

Susan McGalla is an entrepreneur born and living in America. Susan also serves Pittsburgh Pennsylvania as an executive consultant. McGalla previously served as Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal Inc and president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc. she founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC that deals in offering advisory services to financial investment managers and Wall Street Community such as sell-side and buy-side analysts.

The advisory services base on Branding, talent management, marketing, Operational efficiencies and product merchandising.

On serving on both sides of being a leader and a woman, McGalla is a resource for providing women with advice that helps them to advance in businesses, leadership, and education. Susan has given speeches on women and leadership to various audiences. She is always proud of her womanhood and believes that women have a lot of underutilized potentials.

McGalla wants to see the world view women as professionals and not to attack them with womanhood. She has always been passionate about helping women to reach their career goals. McGalla has been leading the way for ladies in leadership. She credits her success to her efforts of working with both men and women. Susan McGalla was born and brought up in a family of two brothers and father who was a football trainer, and she had challenges as she didn’t get any break to do her stuffs. She had to work her way out. Her efforts bore fruits as she came to hold several high-level posts and positions in business and leadership.

Susan McGalla started serving American Eagle Outfitters at the time when all the senior management was made of only men. She performed in all her positions, and eventually, she saw herself up the ranks. McGalla managed to become the company’s president before she left to launch P3 Executive Consulting company. She used her confidence to penetrate into various positions in the industry that was dominated by males.

McGalla’s success is not a reflection of success to all women. Most of the women in the country today do not enjoy such opportunities. Women have to support and encourage each other. Women who come together to share ideas are likely to make it in their careers.

Hussain Sajwani Given Yet Another Award At Arabian Business Summit

The UAE has had many awards ceremonies for CEOs and businesses who have turned investments into huge gains and given the region an industries a huge boom. Hussain Sajwani has been among the most awarded at these ceremonies taking home awards like “Top Arabian CEO” and “Top Real Estate Tycoon” along with being featured in magazines like Forbes Middle East edition. But his latest award is “Real Estate Legend” because he’s been a man of vision who has not only pursued investments in buildings of the most eye-catching designs, but has also kept his company DAMAC Properties out of debt. Part of keeping it that way has been his management of Escrow and having private equity holdings to bolster capital.


Hussain Sajwani came from a working family in the UAE who ran a trade shop, but he had the opportunity to attend the University of Washington to get a formal education. Several years after graduating and doing contract work for an oil company, Sajwani started his own business in catering, and his clientele spanned across the Middle East even into Europe and North America. The profits he made from that business and stock trading led to him getting the capital to buy hotels in the 1990s. They were just regular 3-star lodgings, but he began incorporating his catering services along with them and his revenue grew even more. Sajwani bought bigger properties around the early 2000s and officially founded DAMAC Properties in 2002. The company was completely privately-owned until just a few years ago when it became publicly-traded on the London Stock Exchange and Muscat Exchange.


The portfolio listings of DAMAC Properties are immense, but some of the most famous are the Marina Terrace housing, the Park Towers in the Dubai International Financial Center, AYKON, AKOYA Oxygen with the Trump International Golf Club, and DAMAC Tower. Along with being DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani owns Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles and an insurance company in Oman. He is also a proud supporter of non-profits like the Red Crescent’s rescue operations and Bill Gates’s One-Million Arab Coders initiative which is meant to increase technology education investments.

DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani is Progressively Extending His Business

Hussain Sajwani is certainly a successful real estate developer in the United Arabs Emirate and middle east who has come a long way. The Damac owner began as a food service provider to the US military. During this period of 1990s as a new entrant in business, Sajwani worked with the construction corporation Bechtel, where he also engaged in food services business. He continued with this business until 2001 when he immersed himself in the field of real estate. Hussain Sajwani’s introduction to the business followed a move by the Dubai government that permitted immigrants to own property.

Hussain Sajwani was very determined to get the best out of the real estate business immediately after he started. Luckily, in a period of less than half a year after his venture in the business, he managed to sell a considerable number of units to a residential building. In 2002, Sajwani founded Damac Properties, a high-ranking company in Dubai and some Asian countries.

Since its inception, Damac Properties has extended its scope of services to different countries including Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and several North African countries. The company is primarily a private residential, commercial and leisure developer that has more than 2000 employees. As the Damac owner, Sajwani enjoys the vast skills and expertise his employees exhibit in the business, right from the purchase of lands to ultimate sale of developed estates.

In 2013, Damac owner Hussain Sajwani partnered with Donald Trump in developing Trump-branded golf courses in Dubai. Sajwani’s family enjoys a close relationship with Trump’s family as he describes Trump’s children as close allies of his wife. In a previous event where Hussein Sajwani attended a dinner at Trump’s estate in Florida, Trump described the Damac owner as a close friend. At a later date, Sajwani assured his friends and the general public that his business ties with Trump will continue.

Hussain Sajwani has been instrumental in charity programs, especially during the Holy month of Ramadan. The Damac owner has contributed over AED 2 million to charity initiatives of the Dubai government and non-profit organizations. He supports the less fortunate, especially children in abject poverty. Sajwani believes that the young generation deserves better living standards as they are the future of society.